To remove Bios password

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To remove Bios password

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:38 am

*If you have given a password{knowing the password) & want to remove it, then just enter bios->set user/supervisor password, leave the space blank & enter. Password will be disabled.

*If you have forgotten password then,

-If it is a desktop motherboard simply locate the CMOS battery, remove it and the CMOS password jumper on the motherboard (if present) leave unplugged and powered off for at least a minute. Put CMOS battery back in turn on and boot up.

-Laptops can be trickier, especially if it's a newer model. If it has a security chip on the motherboard forget about it. You either have to physically remove the chip or contact the mfg for the "master" password.


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